You Don’t Need to Face Financial Stresses Alone

The Task of Handling Numbers is Overwhelming

We’re here for you through the big challenges and small—and any time in between.

When you need advice or help with taxes, accounting, finance or assurance, you need more than just a CPA who checks off boxes and submits forms. You need someone who understands your situation now and who cares about your future aspirations. Someone who can help you set those goals and checks in to make sure you’re on track.

That’s who we are at Boyer & Boyer, CPA. We are there for you when it’s time to plan for the future, file taxes, manage accounting or certify your books and financial statements. But we don’t disappear after the job is done—we check in frequently and encourage you to think of our team as an anytime resource for your questions and concerns as they arise.

Meet Our Team

We love numbers, but we’re also passionate about the people behind the financial profiles. That’s why created Boyer & Boyer, CPA—to help people who otherwise might not get the individualized attention they need. And we’ve been doing exactly that for over 25 years.


J. Sylvain

Tax & Advisory Services Partner


Katerine Éthier-Boyer

Accounting & Assurance Partner

J. S. Boyer

Junior Accountant


Stéphane L. Adouko

Senior Accountant


Kamel Dumiaty

Accounting & Assurance Manager


Kien Ly

Office Administrator

Baria El Tayara

Junior Accountant

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